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Come and experience the thrills and excitement of driving and racing a Yamaha YXZ1000R race car. Full on racing in our fully race prepared YXZ1000R race cars round our custom built 1.2km long off road race course complete with multiple jumps, banked and flat turns and 100% adrenalin.

You get behind the wheel of your very own Yamaha YXZ1000R and put pedal to the metal on our bespoke off-road racing circuit. Your day starts in the morning with a comprehensive safety briefing, getting comfortable in your supplied safety equipment. You then take to a variety of circuits, each tailored to provide a different off road experience.

Choose your day:

We have two options, a £99 5 Lap blast, or £499 for an action packed full day of off-road racing experience.

£995 laps of high speed time-trial
£499An action packed day of off road racing

Your 5 laps in detail..

Experience the sheer excitement of driving one of our fully race prepared Yamaha YXZ1000R race cars. AWD, 650kg, 120bhp, 18" of suspension travel means there is no experience quite like it - it is an experience like no other driving you can imagine.

Our custom built 1.2km long track is designed to perfectly exploit these cars, multiple jumps, multiple banked corners and of course the big jump where you could jump over 70 feet in the air! You'll reach over 60mph which feels like 600mph over rough ground, they really are that exciting.

The celebrities on ITV's Drive show all thought so and the track you drive is the same one as featured on the show so come and see if you can beat Jonny Vegas' time.

Your experience includes full safety equipment, overalls and full training with one of our race instructors.

Your YXZ1000R day features..

Your day includes full instruction on how to get the best from these cars, practice and qualifying then full grid car races with a minimum of three races followed by trophies in an awards ceremony.

There is no downtime, when you’re not in one of the YXZ1000R’s you’ll be competing in the off road challenge on a Yamaha Grizzly 700 or the Blindfold Challenge where your co-pilot guides you round an off road course in a Yamaha Viking.

Your full day in detail

10.00am - Arrive at venue, hot breakfast
10.30am - Safety briefing and familiarisation with the cars and equipment
11.00am - Out on track for instruction, hot passenger laps and qualifying
11.30am - Race 1 - 5 laps
12.00pm - Race 2 - 5 laps
12.30pm - Hot buffet lunch
1.30pm - Race 3 - 5 laps
2.00pm - Race 4 - 5 laps
3.00pm - Awards and prize giving

When you are not out in the YXZ1000R's you'll get the chance to compete in the Yamaha Viking Blinfold Challenge - a team event where you have to pilot your way round a tight and twisty off road course in a Yamaha Viking and the ATV obstacle course where you get to try your hand aboard a Yamaha Grizzly 700 ATV round out fiendish obstacle course.

As seen on ITV's 'DRIVE' TV show..

What's the verdict?

The cost is either £99 or £499 per person per day, depending on your choice of experience. Groups of up to 16 can be arranged and anyone who subsequently buys a YXZ1000R after the event (and you'll want to!) will receive the cost of their day refunded.

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